About Honey Creek Farms

Who We Are

We’re more than just a vegetable garden.

Honey Creek Farms is a family-owned and operated sustainable farming business. Our farm is in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, where we have three greenhouses on 20 acres with gardens and livestock.

We grow using the old ways, as nature intended, incorporating sustainable principles. We grow without using chemicals, hormones or pesticides in the production of our produce and livestock. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown and we grow according to organic standards. The Never Ending Harvest videos contain the knowledge we have gained in our winter greenhouse growing and our gardening experiences since we began in 1996.

Our Beliefs

Organic fruits and veggies are super good for you!

We are dedicated to producing quality healthy food products for our family as well as for our customers. We believe that people should know where their food comes from and how it is grown. With the help of our videos, more people will be able to grow more of their own food using natural methods that are budget friendly and time saving.

Our mission is to pass on the wisdom we have gained from senior gardeners and from our experiences, by using the video and web technology that is available today. We are excited to make this knowledge available to the world in a single source and are committed to helping others create their own Never Ending Harvest.

Our History

We started out small, then we grew.

As good stewards of the land, we have been benefiting from truly sustainable agriculture since 1996. We started with a small outdoor garden and a sweet corn field, then added horses, goats, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and greenhouses.

The produce we raise and the eggs from our chickens have been popular in local grocery stores and farmers’ markets for more than a decade. We grow food in our greenhouses throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring, and preserve the food that we harvest in the Summer so that “the harvest never ends” and we have local food available all year long. By demonstrating how we do this in an easy to use video library, our history becomes part of your history as you learn the tips and techniques that have led to our success in both growing food for our own family and providing food for others commercially.